Application Conditions

1-T-Hub proposes a total budget of 1,000,000 TL for the entire planning and implementation of the program (100,000 TL for each startup). The planning and implementation of the program will last a total of 24 weeks and will include 10 startups, each with a founder. The on-site planning and implementation of the program will take 2 weeks (14 days), with one week each in the ecosystems of Telangana and Bangalore/Delhi.

*The above budget includes costs, services, and resources throughout the delivery of the program. The budget does not cover the airfare of startups coming from Türkiye to India, food, accommodation, and local transportation costs in India.

2- The estimated additional budget for the airfare of initiatives between Türkiye and India, food, local travel within India (for 2 weeks in-person in India), and local transportation is 120,000 TL per startup.

3-Program costs should be covered by the sponsor to which the startup is affiliated, the agency associated with the startup, or the startup itself.